• Stable vision
  • Easy habituation
  • Custom-made
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Contact lenses perfectly fitted to your eye. Sharp vision, even with higher corrections. The unique design of the BYO AB contact lens guarantees optimal comfort and movement. The front of the lens features so-called aberration-free optics (AB-Technology). This makes this lens very suitable for the higher corrections.

For who?

BYO AB lenses are suited for every contact lens wearer that has high demands for visual acuity. It is the ideal lens for longer wearing periods and dry environments. The lenses are very suitable for higher corrections and cylinders.


BYO AB custom-made soft contact lenses can be worn for up to six months. It is advised to replace these contacts every half year.

Before starting with BYO AB, please read the information for use carefully. The information for use is provided by your contact lens specialist. Would you like more information or advice? Please contact our Helpdesk at tel. +31 (0)313 677 677.

The information for use can be downloaded here.


To properly cleanse, disinfect, store and apply your BYO AB contact lenses, the all-in-one-solution Ever Clean is recommended. 

Ever Clean consists of a disinfection solution based on 3% hydrogen peroxide in combination with a bipartite tablet. The tablet consists of a green and a white layer. The white layer immediately starts cleansing and, reinforced by the ‘SELF-ACTION’ effect, removes protein. Simultaneously, the green layer arranges the delayed neutralization and extension of the hydrogen peroxide disinfection process.