BYO Comfort

  • Optimal wearing comfort
  • Hyaluronic Silicone Hydrogel
  • High oxygen permeability
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At any moment of the day. Seeing sharp without a care is a comfort that you want to rely on. BYO Comfort lenses provide optimal wearing comfort and excellent vision. Do you want to start wearing contact lenses? Or do you already have contact lenses and do you suffer from dry eyes? BYO Comfort is the solution for you.

For who?

First choice for new contact lens wearers. BYO Comfort is highly suitable for all wearers of disposable contact lenses and is especially recommended for hydrogel lens wearers with dryness related discomfort.


The BYO Comfort contact lens is a so-called ‘disposable’ lens. It is advised to replace this contact lens every month.

New generation

BYO Comfort represents the latest generation Silicone Hydrogel lenses: The Hyaluronic Silicone Hydrogels. Hyaluronan is embedded in the lens matrix in an innovative way. This results in an extreme smooth surface, less deposits and optimal wetting.


The BYO Comfort Zoom is the multifocal version of the BYO Comfort contact lens. Sharp vision, far- and nearby.

Please read the information for use before starting with your soft contact lenses. The information for use is provided by your contact lens specialist. For more information or advise, please contact our Helpdesk tel. +31 (0)313 677 677. 

The information for use for soft contact lenses can be downloaded here

Unica Sensitive is a great choice contact lens solution to properly cleanse, disinfect, store, rinse and apply your BYO Comfort lenses. It is especially suitable for sensitive eyes due to the addition of Hyaluronan. Unica Sensitive has a minimal concentration of conservatives and acts as a lubricant  between the contact lens, the cornea and the eyelid.