BYO Promedics

  • Biocompatibility
  • Stable vision
  • Excellent wearing comfort, all day long
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You want to count on stable vision with a contact lens that is comfortable to wear. With BYO Promedics you can trust on maximum visual acuity. Do you need a high correction? Do you regularly suffer from dryness related discomfort? Choose BYO Promedics.  

  • For who?

    First choice biocompatible lens for new wearers. BYO Promedics is a perfect alternative for all existing wearers of disposable hydrogel contact lenses. Especially recommended in case of dryness related discomfort.

  • Use

    The BYO Promedics contact lens is a so-called ‘disposable’ lens. It is advised to replace this contact lens every month.

  • Biocompatibel

    One of the reasons that the BYO Promedics contact lens is very comfortable to wear is the special material. The biocompatible, or natural, material has the same bio-molecular structure as the mucine layer of the eye surface. This helps prevent dehydration of the eye.

Before starting with BYO Promedics, please read the information for use carefully. The information for use is provided by your contact lens specialist. Would you like more information or advice? Please contact our Helpdesk at tel. +31 (0)313 677 677.

The information for use can be downloaded here


To properly cleanse, disinfect, store and apply your BYO Promedics contact lenses, the all-in-one-solution Ever Clean is recommended. 

Ever Clean consists of a disinfection solution based on 3% hydrogen peroxide in combination with a bipartite tablet. The tablet consists of a green and a white layer. The white layer immediately starts cleansing and, reinforced by the ‘SELF-ACTION’ effect, removes protein. Simultaneously, the green layer arranges the delayed neutralization and extension of the hydrogen peroxide disinfection process.