BYO Royal

  • First choice for reading addition over +2.25 D
  • Good visual acuity, both distance and near
  • Custom-made
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Having sharp vision in the distance and at the same time being able to read from up close. BYO Royal custom-made bifocal contacts make this possible. The reading addition is situated in the lower part of the lens. Thanks to a specially designed arched zone, reading is made easy when the gaze is directed downwards.

  • For who?

    Especially recommended for everyone with a (high) reading addition over +2.25 D (dioptre).

  • Use

    BYO Royal custom-made soft contact lenses can be worn for up to six months. It is advised to replace these contacts every half year.

Before starting with BYO Royal, please read the information for use carefully. The information for use is provided by your contact lens specialist. Would you like more information or advice? Please contact our Helpdesk at tel. +31 (0)313 677 677.

The information for use can be downloaded here.

To properly cleanse, disinfect, store and apply your BYO Royal contact lenses, the all-in-one-solution Ever Clean is recommended. 

Ever Clean consists of a disinfection solution based on 3% hydrogen peroxide in combination with a bipartite tablet. The tablet consists of a green and a white layer. The white layer immediately starts cleansing and, reinforced by the ‘SELF-ACTION’ effect, removes protein. Simultaneously, the green layer arranges the delayed neutralization and extension of the hydrogen peroxide disinfection process.