DreamLite night lenses

  • Free from wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day
  • A safe and completely reversible correction
  • A non-surgical alternative for refractive surgery
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You won’t believe your eyes! How easy can it be? Wearing your contacts during the night and experiencing clear and comfortable vision upon waking that is maintained throughout the rest of the day, without the need for glasses or lenses. The perfect alternative for regular contact lens wearers who suffer from redness and dryness of the eyes and for people with an active lifestyle.

  • For who?

    DreamLite night lenses are only suitable for those suffering from myopia or nearsightedness. DreamLite contact lenses can correct a spherical refraction of -0.75 D up to -5.00 D. In addition, a cylindrical refraction with a maximum of -2.50 D can be corrected. In need of a reading addition? With DreamLite Zoom, a multifocal correction of up to +1.50 D can be reached. Sharp vision all day at every distance.

  • Use

    DreamLite RGP night lenses are made of a highly breathable material. They can be used for up to a year. It is recommended to replace your DreamLite lenses every twelve months.

  • How does it work?

    When you are near-sighted, your eyes have grown a bit too long. Light entering the eye trough the cornea focuses in front of the retina, after which it disperses. This causes distance vision to become blurred. The special shape of the DreamLite contact lens flattens the cornea slightly by applying gentle pressure overnight, realigning the focal point onto the retina while you sleep. You can compare it with braces for your teeth. During your waking hours, there is no need for glasses or contact lenses. The process is 100% reversible: when you stop wearing your DreamLite’s, your eyes will regain their ‘old’ shape within a few days. It is the perfect solution for people with an active lifestyle, for those who regularly suffer from redness and dryness of the eyes, and a good non-surgical and safe alternative for refractive surgery such as LASIK.

  • Welcome to the DreamLite Family

    DreamLite night lenses are available in spherical, toric, multifocal and a toric multifocal edition. These custom-made RGP lenses are individually designed based on the findings of your contact lens practitioner.

Please read the information for use before starting with your Ortho-k contact lenses. The information for use is provided by your contact lens specialist. For more information or advise, please contact our Helpdesk tel. +31 (0)313 677 677. 

The information for use for Ortho-k contact lenses can be downloaded here.

To properly cleanse, disinfect, store and apply your DreamLite lenses, Ever Clean in combination with Lacrifresh Moisture is recommended.

Ever Clean consists of a disinfection solution based on 3% hydrogen peroxide in combination with a bipartite tablet. The tablet consists of a green and a white layer. The white layer immediately starts cleansing and, reinforced by the ‘SELF-ACTION’ effect, removes protein. Simultaneously, the green layer arranges the delayed neutralization and extension of the hydrogen peroxide disinfection process.

Lacrifresh Moisture is a moisturizer containing hyaluronan. This biocompatible substance generates a more stable tear layer and acts as a lubricant between the contact lens, the cornea and the eyelid.