• Can serve as first choice in practically all indications for bandage contact lenses
  • Suitable for disorders where standard bandage lenses are regularly lost
  • Is especially recommended for sealing the filtration bleb after trabeculectomy or in case of symblepharon
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The Megasoft bandage lens is used, among other things, to repair or preserve the integrity of the ocular tissue. This therapeutic soft contact lens is extra-large in order to protect a large part of the anterior eye against effects from outside.

  • For who?

    The Megasoft is especially recommended by means of protection after a glaucoma operation. After this operation, the scleral flap is sutured loosely enough to allow aqueous drainage at the edges of the flap to reduce the pressure in the eye. The eye can then be protected during healing with the Megasoft lens. The Megasoft is also used in cases of symblepharon, or concrescence of the conjunctiva of the eyelids with the eyeball. A qualified optometrist, ophthalmologist or contact lens practitioner can diagnose this condition.

  • Use

    The Megasoft bandage lens can be worn for a maximum of 4 weeks. After this period the lens must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. It is advisable to use two lenses alternately for each eye, so there are no interruptions during wear for longer periods and there is sufficient time to clean and disinfect the lens that has been worn. If the lens can no longer be cleaned and disinfected satisfactorily it must always be replaced.

Before starting with Megasoft, please read the information for use carefully. The information for use is provided by your contact lens specialist. Would you like more information or advice? Please contact our Helpdesk at tel. +31 (0)313 677 677.

The information for use can be downloaded here

To properly clean and disinfect your Megasoft lenses, Ever Clean in combination with Lacrifresh Moisture is recommended. 

Ever Clean consists of a disinfection solution based on 3% hydrogen peroxide in combination with a bipartite tablet. The tablet consists of a green and a white layer. The white layer immediately starts cleansing and, reinforced by the ‘SELF-ACTION’ effect, removes protein. Simultaneously, the green layer arranges the delayed neutralization and extension of the hydrogen peroxide disinfection process.

Lacrifresh Moisture is a moisturizer containing hyaluronan. This biocompatible substance generates a more stable tear layer and acts as a lubricant between the contact lens, the cornea and the eyelid.