PresbyLite II

  • Advisable for reading additions > +1.50 D
  • No inconvenient reflections or image jump
  • Excellent visual acuity, for both distance and near
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The progressive aspherical back surface geometry of the PresbyLite II ensures an optimal movement for far and distance vision to reading position and vice versa. The triangular reading addition is situated on the front side of the lens and prevents bothersome reflections.

For who?

The PresbyLite II is a very suitable contact lens for people with an average to high reading addition caused by aging.

Please read the information for use before starting with your RGP contact lenses. The information for use is provided by your contact lens specialist. For more information or advise, please contact our Helpdesk tel. +31 (0)313 677 677. 

The information for use for RGP contact lenses can be downloaded here

To properly clean, desinfect, store and apply your PresbyLite II lenses, GP Multi in combination with GP Cleaner is advised.

GP Multi is an all-in-one contact lens solution especially suitable for RGP contacts. It contains a substance called Poloxamer that ensures a clean lens surface and prevents micro-organisms from atteching to this surface. Two moisturizers (HPMC and PVP) increase the wearing comfort of the lens. Additionally, GP Multi provides an extra protective and comfortable layer on the lens. 

GP Cleaner is very effective, removing even the most persistent proteins. The non-ionic cleanser contains parts that eliminate lipids attached to the contact lens surface. GP Cleaner must always be used in combination with GP Multi.